About the author

Florian Josef Hoffmann, born 1946 in Marktoberdorf/Allgaeu (Bavaria, Germany), has studied business economy in Nuremberg and law in Bonn.

He worked as a lawyer and as a versatile business consultant. He has been managing a music hall, streamlining a porcelain factory, producing pants, developing software and more.

Being a liberal-conservative politician with social impetus, Hoffmann worked in Thuringia after the fall of the Berlin Wall and was president of the east-thuringian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Gera from 1991 to 1993.

In 1991 he was co-editor of the book “Marketingorientierte Unternehmensführung, Konzepte für die Neuen Bundesländer” (Marketing oriented business management, concepts for the newly-formed German states), which was conceived from a series of lectures about social market economy which he did with professor Karl-Heinz Hoppe in Jena.