The nonsense of the Kyoto protocol

[...] so it is being consumed, in the case of oil, burned. But the consumer is incapable of controlling the consumption amount.
Consumer denial is useless as long as there is a demand for the oil at any other place on earth. Should the consumption in Germany decrease for some reason (actually sparing the atmosphere), then this would perhaps cause a dip in the world market demand but it would cause a falling oil price, too. A falling oil price is inevitably followed by a higher consumption, possibly by people using their car more often or more people flying because of cheaper kerosene.
It doesn't matter which way consumption goes regionally or functionally. The only important thing is the fact, that everything that has been extracted and moved to refinieries by tankers or pipeline, will be consumed.
You cannot say it is the fault of the consumers, the USA, the car producers or anybody else. It's solely the fault of the nation states who sell concessions and/or the nation states who extract the oil themselves. Where is the sense in blaming the car industry, the energy providers and the consumers who are powerless against that omnipotence?

The consumer intuitively lives according to his powerlessness. Like the scientist Peters said: “barely anyone will alter his behaviour to reduce greenhouse gases.”.
It doesn't work that way. If you earn money, you will spend it or save it. If you save 500 Euros of heating costs this year, you take the “saved” money to spend it for a christmas vacation. Or you take it to your bank, that loans it to other consumers or investors. Those consume the energy you saved. It's a zero-sum game.
The only solution is to reduce the quantity supplied, meaning reducing the extraction concessions. So the oil price increases, people get less oil for their money, consumption decreases.
End-of-pipe-measures don't generate this effect. They are useless. Concentrating on that kind of measures, concentrating on the Kyoto protocol point of view prevents capable and effective measures.
There is an ideological blockade responsible for this. It comes from seeing the OPEC as a malevolent monopoly instead of a tool for protecting the environment. All nation states should be forced into the OPEC cartel that makes them decrease the annual oil extraction gradually over the years.